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12 Signs You’re Having a Girl


You’re having a baby, congratulations! There is no more exciting time in your life than when you get to bring a new life into this world and raise them to be someone you’re proud of. Although this is really exciting, finding out the gender can sometimes be even more exciting.

There are a number of different reasons you may want to know the gender of your baby. Some people want to buy appropriate clothes, others want to think up different names that fit their gender, and others just want to know because they’re so curious.

Whatever your reason is, waiting until you get that ultrasound can be difficult. And even then, sometimes your partner doesn’t want to know the gender and therefore you can’t know. But if you want to be sneaky, you can tell if you’re having a girl by some of these signs.

  1. High heart rate

This is a really accurate science based sign you can use in order to tell if you’re having a boy or a girl. Boy fetuses naturally have a lower heart rate that is either 140 or lower whereas girls have a higher heart rate between 140-160. If your fetus has higher heart rate you can expect to be having a girl!

  1. You carry high

This is a very old way to tell which gender you’re going to have that has been used since before ultrasounds were even around. If your belly seems to be carried higher up on your abdomen, then chances are you’ll be having a girl. Although we don’t know the specific science behind this sign, it’s been tried and true for most cases.

  1. Bad morning sickness

Due to the hormones going through a woman’s body when she’s expecting a girl, she will probably have much more morning sickness. Although hormones are going crazy all throughout pregnancy, there are simply more of them when you’re having a girl and this can affect that severity and frequency that you get sick.

  1. Acne

Another thing that involves hormones when you’re pregnant is if you get acne or not. Some women don’t ever seem to get acne during any pregnancies, however, if you’re carrying a girl, you’re more likely to get a lot of hormonal acne whereas you’ll have much less if it’s a boy. So if you’re breaking out a ton, have no fear! It’s just a girl!

  1. Oval belly

The shape of your pregnant belly can also tell you which gender you’re having. Although there isn’t really a scientific reason that this works, it has been used for hundreds of years in predicting the gender of babies and has worked for a large majority of the time. If your belly is more oval than it is round, you’ll be having a baby girl.

  1. Crazy mood swings

We all know that pregnant women have mood swings no matter what they’re having, but if you’re someone that has crazy mood swings and you have them often, you can probably expect a girl in that delivery room. This is mostly due to the surge of hormones specific for when you’re having a baby girl.

  1. Your left boob is bigger

While most women’s left boob is typically bigger than their right, if you go through pregnancy and notice that it develops a LOT more than your right, it’s said that you’ll be giving birth to a baby girl and not a boy.

  1. The garlic test

This may be a difficult test to take – especially if you don’t like garlic – but it’s very reliable in determining the gender of your baby. If you eat a whole clove of garlic and your body odor doesn’t change its scent at all, you’re having a girl. If you can clearly smell that your body odor has changed to a garlicy smell, then you’re having a boy.

  1. You have dull hair

It is said that the hormones responsible for giving you a girl are also responsible for making your once luscious hair very dull and dingy. If your hair has seemed to worsen in condition since you got pregnant, then it’s a good chance that you’ll be having a girl. If you’re having a boy, your hair will probably get shinier and healthier.

  1. Craving Sweets

I think most of us ladies can agree that we always crave sweets! However, if you’re craving them NON STOP since you got pregnant and your sweet tooth just can’t ever be satisfied, it’s said that you’ll be having a girl. While there’s no science to back up this reasoning either, it’s a method that’s been used since long before ultrasounds were around and has held up fairly well when tested.

  1. You’re not clumsy

Getting pregnant changes your bodies in many more ways than just growing your belly. It also changes your coordination a lot. One method that was used ages ago for determining which gender you’re going to be having is how graceful you are during your pregnancy. If you’re graceful and not at all clumsy, then you’ll be having a girl. This method is difficult to test, though, since many different people vary in their degree of clumsiness even before pregnancy.

  1. You sleep on your right

If you’re someone who sleeps on their right all throughout their pregnancy, it is said that you’ll be having a baby girl. This is another theory that has been used for many, many years in order to predict which gender your baby will be. However, this also can change from person to person because people have different preferences in their sleeping arrangements and it may make more sense to sleep on their left depending on which side they sleep on.

Having a baby is a really big thrill and an exciting time for everyone in the family. If you want to know if you’re having a girl long before she arrives, these old and new techniques will help you out immensely. Have any of you tried these methods? Tell us below which worked and which didn’t at all!

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