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Areas Of The Body That You Will Experience Pain If Your Blood Sugar Level Increases Beyond Normal

Glucose, or sugar, has many positive effects on cells and organs, including the brain, but when it accumulates in the blood or isn't used, it can cause a variety of severe health effects. Discomfort and pain can manifest in various areas of the body if blood sugar levels are chronically high or excessively elevated.

For the sake of brevity, I'll list the areas of the body that may hurt if your blood sugar gets too high or increase beyond normal, as reported by the Mayoclinic.

Leg and foot pain might set in if high blood sugar levels are ignored for too long. Due to the fact that a tingling feeling in the legs and feet is a common symptom of the nerve damage that develops in diabetes. If blood sugar is not monitored and controlled, the pain could worsen.

Second, your hands may hurt or feel stiff. Diabetic nerve damage is also caused by the localized effects of high blood sugar, which primarily manifest in the extremities. Pain, numbness, or a burning sensation could be signs of a nerve injury in the hand. Pain in the hands and feet might be a symptom of high blood sugar levels.

Moreover, high blood sugar can damage nerves, leading to tingling or pain in other areas of the body.

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