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Ways you can reduce the effect of period symptoms.

According to Healthline, ways you can lower the effect of period symptoms include:

1. Ibuprofen. Taking over-the-counter ibuprofen can help relieve cramps for a few hours at a time. It may also help lower blood loss. Naproxen (Aleve) and aspirin also work. Try taking them about one hour before you step out.

2. Menstrual cups. You can skip pads and tampons and use a menstrual cup rather. Menstrual cups are worn inside the female organ and catch your period's blood. They can be worn for up to twelve hours at a time and I1 Oh can be reused.

3. Period panties. These absorbent undergarments can be worn on their own or with tampons and pads as backup prevention. They’re made to comfortably absorb the equivalent of two tampons’ worth of blood.

4. Heating pad. This will not slow your flow, but a heating pad can work wonders on cramps. Before you head out, apply one to your lower abdomen for fifteen to twenty minutes.

5. Self-gratification. self-gratification is an easy and enjoyable way to control your period symptoms. Let your fingers or a. intercourse toy do the walking and make you reach your intercourse peak to relieve menstrual cramps and slow your flow.

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