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The World's First Pregnant Man

Thomas trace beatie, is an American public speaker, who was born on January 20, 1974, In Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. Mr Thomas beatie, is an Author, and advocate of transgender and sexuality issues.

Mr Thomas, grew up in Hawaii, at the age of 10, Thomas, said that he start to self identify with the male gender in his body.

And as a teenager, he was a model. and miss Hawaii teen USA pageant finalist.

Mr Thomas, graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1996, with a bachelor degree in health science.

Mr Thomas, came out as a transgender in 1997, and went to see a doctor for a gender reassignment surgery. Which the surgery was successful in March 2002. 

Since then Mr Thomas, became known as the pregnant man. he eventually became pregnant by donated sperm. The reason why Mr Thomas, decided to become pregnant was because of his Wife Nancy who is infertile. 

On February 5th, 2003. Mr Thomas, got married to Nancy Gillespie, in a legally same sex marriage (heterosexual). In 2005, the couple moved to Bend, oregon.

Mr Thomas, was listed as a male in his hospital and insurance documents. Later the couple decided to start a family. but Mr Thomas, would be the one to carry the pregnancy since Nancy is infertile.

Lucky for them, Mr Thomas, was able to become pregnant. And eventually he gave birth to a baby girl.

Mr Thomas, had given birth to Four children. But later in 2012 the couple filed for divorce. 

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