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Don't Hold Back Your Tears Again! Here Are Five Health Benefits Of Crying.

Its a common thing in our human life, we cry when we are sad or happy, but alot of people always try to suppress their tears because they are scared it make them look weak, but today I will give you five good reasons according to science why you should never hold back your tears.

1. Crying Calm you down.

crying activate the paras sympathetic nervous system which helps to people to relax.

2. It give you more support

Sometimes people did not understand how much something is bothering you, but they suddenly understand when you cry.

Crying makes people want to comfort and support you.

3. It really ease the pain.

When you cry because something made you sad, the pain is quite sharp, but we do always feel relieved after crying. Does it sound familiar? That is not that odd.

4. It lightens your mood.

When crying your body produces oxytocin and endorphins that makes you feel better after you have cried and gives you a better mood.

5. It protects you from bacteria

Tears contains something called lysozyme, which help to keep your eyes clean.

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