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9 Mysteries and Facts About Human Brain You Should Know

The brain is part of a complex human body and difficult to understand. There are still many mysteries and facts about the human brain that you should know. How the brain works and how the brain can affect human behaviour is still a mystery. Many researchers have used a variety of ways ranging from the most conventional to modern technology. The aim is to solve many questions about the human brain. The following are the mystery and fact about the human brain.

1. Consciousness

When we wake up in the morning, we wake up in sleep and can enjoy the beauty of the sunlight, cool air, and so on. We call this phenomenon as a consciousness after sleeping all night. This field becomes a compound topic that has been discussed by scientists long ago. The latest neurologists describe consciousness as a realistic topic.

2. Eternal Life

Eternal life indeed exists just in the human imagination. However, scientists have discovered cyanic. The discovery is capable of making humans have two lives. One of the cryonics centers is Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona. In that cryonic center, there are many stored bodies of living creatures in tubes containing liquid nitrogen with a temperature of minus 320 Fahrenheit. The idea is that humans who have died from the disease will be melted, and then revived in the future when the disease can be cured.

3. Mystery of Death

Humans are born with a body mechanism that can survive the disease. Therefore, when humans are injured, then the wound will heal by itself. However, as we get older, the mechanism will decrease. The two causes of the decline of the mechanism are human aging which is included from the human genetic part and the aging of the cells that have been damaged.

4. Memory

Some experiences are hard to forget. All that can happen after scientists discover a mechanism that is responsible for creation and memory storage by imaging techniques in the human brain. They find the hippocampus in the human brain and the gray matter that acts as a memory box. However, about the memories that are memorable and forgotten remain a mystery to date.

5. Human Mind and Personality

The debate about the human mind and personality still dwells between the two above. Personality and the human mind are said to control by genes or environment? Or could be both? There is still no agreement among scientists about this.

6. Biological Clock

The human brain has a suprachiasmatic nucleus or a biological clock. This section programmes the body to follow the rhythm of time 24 hours. This biological clock also adjusts the cycle when we awaken from sleep, adjust body temperature, and also produce the hormone melatonin.

7. Sleep

Why do humans sleep? Scientists explain that mammals need enough sleep. Not enough sleep in a long time will cause hallucinations and even death. There are two levels of sleep. First is sleeping with non-rapid eye movement (NREM). This happens as long as the brain exhibits the low metabolism. The second is sleep with the level of rapid eye movement (REM). This happens when the brain is still quite active.

8. Dream

Besides sleeping, dream also becomes a mystery. The possibility is that dreaming is an effort to train the brain which stimulates signal traffic among brain cells. Another theory says that humans dream about the task and emotions that have not been noticed during the day.

9. Laugh

The laugh is the least understood by human behavior. The scientists found that during laughter, there are three parts of the brain involved. First is the thinking part before we understand the joke. Second is the moving area that tells our muscles to do something. The third is an emotional area that shows amusement.

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