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9 Causes of Brain Damage

Lots of people today are suffering from brain damage as a result of one thing or the other. Brain damage is not an illness that happens to aged people, as most people may think, but it is an illness that can occur as a result of anything.

As we may know, Brain damage is an injury that causes the destruction or deterioration of brain cells. This illness may occur when the brain is starved of oxygen for a prolonged period of time. Moreover, brain damage can occur as a result of a wide range of injuries, illnesses, or conditions. But, aside from that, there are other possible causes of brain damage.

Below are few causes of brain damage.

1. Poisoning or exposure to toxic substances.

2. Infection.

3. Strangulation, choking, or drowning.

4. Stroke.

5. Heart attacks.

6. Tumors.

7. Aneurysms.

8. Neurological illnesses.

9. Abuse of illegal drugs

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