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How High Blood Pressure Can Affect A Man's Private Organ And S£xual Life

High blood pressure is a severe health concern that can shorten a man's lifespan, as per the Mayo Clinic. Hypertension happens when the blood pressure against artery walls rises to unhealthy levels. Atherosclerotic plaques can develop on the artery walls of hypertensive men, causing the arteries to stiffen and become less flexible. As a result, blood flow can be restricted, leading to potential impotence in men when the blood supply is cut off to the erection. Avoiding physical contact with a spouse due to erectile dysfunction can negatively impact their sexual lives.

In addition, medications used to treat hypertension may affect men's sexual health. According to healthline Anorectics and diuretics can reduce blood flow to the genital area, making it difficult to achieve an erection. Furthermore, diuretics can reduce zinc stores, which are necessary for testosterone synthesis. Beta-blockers can also impact a man's sexual life, and any changes in sexual health should be discussed with a doctor.

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