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"I Collapsed, Two Of My Teeth Were Removed and My Jaw Tore"- Lady Narrates What Happened To Her

Good health is really underrated, individuals need to start taking care of themselves a lot. It is not always about making a lot of money, because money is useless when you are not healthy enough to spend it. There are a lot of Rich individuals that have lost their lives due to one illness or the other despite the fact that they are actually very rich.

Sometimes those particular illness that we ignore are the ones that turn around and deal with us. We see some illnesses as minor we think that they will not really affect us, but this is not so. We should always be mindful of our health, it is meant to be our number one priority because it is only a healthy individual that can do a lot of things.

A young lady has taken to Twitter to share what happened to her, she said that she collapsed because of low blood pressure. Unfortunately for her as she collapsed to the ground, her face hit the floor hard in that process 8 of her teeth got fractured, and they had to remove two of her teeth and fill the remaining.

That was not the only thing that happened to her, her jaw also tore they had to stitch her jaw back for her to cover it up, she was also unable to eat throughout the month of March, but luckily for her she had family and friends around her that supported her. She was put on painkillers, she also spent a lot of money on the hospital but just after a few months she is back to her normal self and giving all glory to God. See her pictures below;

What is low blood pressure?

When someone says they have low blood pressure it means that their blood pressure is lower than normal, it is the opposite of high blood pressure. Low blood pressure is also known as hypotension, the sad thing about low blood pressure is that it does not show much signs and symptoms and you may not even know that you have it.

The causes of low blood pressure

There are different things that can cause low blood pressure a few of them includes;

1. When you get up immediately after sitting or lying down this would make your blood pressure to drop.

2. When you stand up for a long time

3. When you are dehydrated, that is when you do not drink enough water.

3. When you start taking medicine for high blood pressure or you start taking any other heart medicines.

4. When you have trauma like bleeding or severe Burns

How to know if your blood pressure is low;

It is not every time that low blood pressure shows signs and symptoms but there are a few things to watch out for;

1. Dizziness, feeling light-headed or when you feel faint

2. When you vomit or you feel sick to your stomach and nauseous

3. When you feel thirsty more than before you always want to drink water

4. When your eyesight is blurry

5. When you feel weak and tired a lot

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