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See The Benefits Of No Sex That You May Not Know About.

Do you know that there are also some health benefits of abstaining from s*x?..Hell Yes!!

We live in a society that had us believe if we're not getting any or not getting laid, then your life is a failure. Other times your friends often look at you with a eye of pity, as they try to console you that you will have some one day.

Going without s*x for a long time can be a frustrating experience, especially if you supposed to be s*xually active. Except if and only if, you have never had it before.

But however, a period of abstinence can be an opportunity personal growth and self love.

Many people choose not to have s*x for a variety of reasons. Some people don't enjoy it or aren't interested, others find it to be a distraction from the things they really care about. Although having s*x can have positive effects on your health, not having s*x also has its benefits too.

Some of the benefits of not having s*x for long are:

1. Your self worth skyrocket: A lot of people struggle with body image and self worth, especially when it comes to the opinion of others. Once you remove those "others" from the situation, you will find that insecurities will be less and you will learn to love yourself on your terms.

2. You are less likely to get a urinary tract infection: Naturally, not having s*x is going to drastically reduce your chances of getting a s*xually transmitted infection, but abstaining from s*x also makes it less likely that you will get a urinary tract infection.

3. You are more likely to stay fit: Between the killer workouts and the fact that you are no longer on the do with your partner, your dry spell is going to get your body in gear.

4. You don't have to worry about getting pregnant: Although there are many very highly effective method of birth control available today, the only 100% absolute, most certain way to not get pregnant is to not have s*x.

5. You can have some much needed space: Abstaining from s*x can give you time to focus on any big emotional issues you may be dealing with. Sometimes abstaining from s*x is necessary after an illness or medical procedure and doing so can speed up the healing process.

6. Your life has less drama: Naturally as a human being, some kind of desires for s*x comes, but then you use human intelligence to make things right. Relationships are always full of troubles.,s*xual pressure, s*xual desire, actually, i think is a period of rest and satisfaction.

...what do you guys think?.

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