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99% Of People May Fail This Test: See 10 Riddles To Test Your Brain Sharpness

It is a known fact that solving riddles aids in brain exercise and also helps in preventing, brain diseases like memory loss and Alzheimer's. Some riddles require your power of observation while others, test your logical and mathematical skills. One thing is certain, solving riddles always help to train your mind as it sharpens your reasoning skills, memory and mental health. The following riddles have been selected to test your logical reasoning skills, observation skills and shear attentiveness level. Ensure to answer the questions as quickly as you can.

Checkout these 10 riddles below;

1. Can you find the rabbit?

2. What is the huge fault in this photo?

3. How many horses can you see in this photo?

4. Can you solve this in 5seconds?

5. How many faces can you see in the photo?

6. Can you solve this in 5seconds?

7. How is this possible?

8. Solve this in 5seconds if you are a maths genius

9. Can you solve this in 5seconds?

10. How many ducks can you see?


1. See photo below

2. Observe the photo upside down to see the fault.

3. See photo

4. See photo

5. The faces are circled as shown below

6. See photo

7. See photo

8. When it comes to time telling, if it is 8pm or 8am, when you add another 8hours, it will equal 4.

9. See photo

10. The answer is 12 as shown below

How did you perform? Please leave your answers and observations in the comment section.

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