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Why Alcohol Base Sex Booster Should Be Banned Before It Ruined The Future of Nigeria Youth

The rate at which alcohol-base sex enhancing drink are being used in Nigeria is becoming alarming. As at today we have more than 150 different kind of alcohol base manpower booster, and many more are being introduced to the market everyday. There is common saying that if Nigerian youth can channel all the efforts they use on sex on something productive, Nigeria would have been great by now. There are a lot of side effects that are associated with the sexual energy drinks and if our governments do not ban importation and production of these product, it going to ruin the future of many Nigerians. The money the the governments is going to spend on tackling this effects would be more than revenue generated from it at the end of the day. There are many side effects to mention a few:

1) Insomnia - this is the effect of having difficulty in sleeping, and if someone doesn't sleep it could lead to madness.

2) Anxiety - when you just feel anxious for just no reason. This explain why you have many youth with default anger with no reason. Youth nowadays would just insult elders without feeling any remorse.

3) Rapid heart rate - when heart rate beat more than normal it could lead to heart failure.

4) Erectile Dysfunctional - this is when man can't have erection again. Imagine because you want to last longer now, you totally lose that ability to perform as a man.

5) Increase blood pressure levels


7) Feeling dizzy

These are some of the effects that are associated with those energy drink. In a sane environments where their government really care about the welfare of her citizens, those effects are more than enough reasons to ban those drink.

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