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Once You Notice These 6 Signs In Your Body, Go For Ulcer Test

Ulcers occurs when sores that are slow to heal or that keeps returning affects you. Ulcers can come in different forms and can appear both on the inside and the outside of your body. They can be found on your leg, skin, stomach or upper intestine, foot, eye, tooth, etc. Infact, you can get ulcer just about anywhere on your body.

Ulcer causes injuries, diseases, and infections and mostly depends on where you have them and how you contacted it. Some ulcers heal by themselves, while others keep degenerating if you not early treated.

For many years, excess acid was believed to be a major factor that triggers ulcer disease. Accordingly, the emphasis of treatment was on neutralizing and inhibiting the secretion of stomach acid. Ucers are also the infection of the stomach by a bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) and regular utilization of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin.

Infection with H. pylori is the most common cause of cancer, that disturbs more than a billion people in the world. This infection usually continues for many years, leading to ulcer disease in 10% to 15% of those infected. Prior to this time, H. pylori was found in more than 80% of patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers. It is estimated that presently only 20% of ulcers are associated with the H. pylori. 

Symptoms and signs of ulcers disease really differs. Some people with stomach ulcers may not have any symptoms or signs experienced by someone with esophageal ulcers.

Once You Notice These Signs And Symptoms In Your Body, Go For Ulcer Test:

1. Stomach pain 

Pain is the main symptom of stomach ulcer. When you have peptic ulcer you might begin to feel pain around your stomach or slightly higher up.

2. Indigestion

Difficulty in digestion is a major symptom of stomach ulcer also. Indigestion can cause pain or discomfort within your stomach region. It should be noted that not all stomach ulcers leads to indigestion.

3. Heartburn

This symptom is caused by acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It happens slightly higher up from your stomach and is felt in the lower part of the chest.

4. Weight loss

Ulcer can result into unnecessary loss of weight. This is because the pain you experience may hinder you from eating, hence cause weight loss.

5. Nausea and vomiting

This is also caused by ulcer. Ulcer can make you to vomit. 

6. Bloating

Ulcer can make you to experience tummy stretch, thus making you uncomfortable. Ulcer leads to indigestion, and digestive problem or issues usually result in bloating.

These aforementioned symptoms requires the attention of your doctor, and so make a thing of compulsion to go for a test and then necessary treatments.

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