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Your Thoughts can Make you Sick

It's quite surprising but absolutely true that the way we think influences the way we feel. In other words, our thoughts can make us feel sick and on the other hand, it can make us healthy.

This is because, it's all happening in the mind. Our brain is incharge of all the activities in the body. So, it triggers a whole number of actions.

For instance, the brain do not differentiate between physical pain and mental pain. It records these neural impulses as thesame. For example, if someone slaps you, it feels very painful, you'll feel hurtful and then again, if your partner breaks up on you, you'll also feel pain.

What happens is that the brain doesn't differentiate between the two pains because it has thesame impact on the brain. That's why some people tend to shut down at that moment. Someone can actually faint when informed that her mom/dad has gone to rest, and another can do same when struck by a weapon or bare hands.

By extension, it goes on to tell us that we should be careful with the kind of words we say to people because it can hurt and hunt them and as well make them sick.

Our individual minds have been wired according to the environmental impact we experience on a daily basis. And this shapes and influences our world. The way we respond to these experiences and people around us matters alot and can make us feel sick or healthy. We should be able to have good thoughts about ourselves even when we have reasons to do otherwise.

Everything we experience in this world all plays out in the mind. And only sound minds can overcome the challenges of this world.

Yes! We're in the midst of a Pandemic, but the way we perceive this deadly virus affects not only our health but religious, economic and social status because it all plays out in the mind. And as the mind perceived, the thoughts will surely become dominant in the life of the person.

Permit me to borrow some words from Paul in the Christian bible (2Cor 10:4)

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every convictions to the obedience of Christ;

Now where is imaginations? It is in the mind. Knowledge is in the mind too. And convictions is in the mind.

So, it means that imaginations, knowledge and convictions are all in the mind. And whatever we face is in the mind struggling for survival.

And in case we believe in anything there, it affects our belief system and start to manifest in the real world.

So if you believe that you're not going to be successful, definitely, it will interfer and influence your belief system and starts to manifest unsuccessful events in the real world and thus, you'll be associated with unsuccessful people.

Imagination of our healthy wellbeing, Knowledge of who we are, and the convictions that we are overcoming obstacles affects our mindset.

.... Keep Living.

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