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10 Exercises That Improves Height and Stamina

Height is an important factor in enhancing the persona of an individual. While it is perfectly fine to be of any height short, medium, tall and no height is the right or wrong one, many people are not satisfied with their physical looks, weight or even height but the truth is there are solutions available all around, while some may be more convenient, they are not always possible. A known fact is that human genes play a huge role in determining ones height, also hormones and nutrition but physical exercises have unknown ways in stimulating growth factors that increase ones height, so it can be all about hitting the right ones. Fighting against these intrinsic factors of genetics seems almost impossible but one can improve his height even at mid-twenties. Combining a good exercise regime with right protein intake helps the height positively.

A good workout regime helps in achieving perfect muscle tone and strengthens the muscles which are responsible for increased height. Here are 10 exercises that will help your height;

1. Forward Bend

2. Cobra Stretch

3. Wall Stretch

4. Bar Hanging

5. Low Lunge Arch

6. Pelvic Lift

7. Pilates Roll Over

8. Forward Spine Stretch

9. Dry Land Swimming

10. Side Stretch

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