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7 Foods People Who Suffer From Constipation Should Eat Every Day For Easy Stooling

Constipation can be defined as the decline in bowel movement that is characterized by difficulty in passing stools. Constipation can be caused by a number of things like; lifestyle habits, choice of foods, medications, dehydration, sickness etc.

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Some people suffer from constipation once in a blue moon while, some people experience it regularly. Signs of constipation includes; straining while stooling, passing out very hard stools which can cause tearing in the anus, going to toilet less than three times a week, feeling discomfort or pain during bowel movements, swollen belly, the feeling of fullness etc.

Thankfully, there are many foods that can help ease or, prevent constipation and improve the frequency of bowel movements.

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Here Are Seven (7) Foods That Help Ease Constipation Or Prevent It Entirely

1. Beans: beans is one of the best foods that a person who experiences constant constipation can eat. Beans are rich in both soluble fiber and Insoluble fiber, both of which helps to, ease constipation.

Beans can also help to, prevent constipation. By beans i mean, the normal beans and the green beans used in making salad.

2. Sweet Potatoes: sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients and one of the many nutrients sweet potatoes has is, soluble fiber. The fiber in sweet potatoes helps the body to absorb water thereby, making your stool soft and easy to pass out.

Also, the fiber in sweet potatoes acts as lubricants which makes having a bowel movement easy.

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3. Oats: oats are very rich in fiber. People who suffer from constant constipation should consider eating oats every evening to make it easier for them to go the toilet in the morning.

Aside from the fact that oats eases and prevents constipation, it also serves as a laxative which makes bowel movement more easy for a constipated person.

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4. Green Vegetables: it is no secret that, eating a lot of vegetables makes bowel movement much more easy.

People who experience constant constipation and people who are trying to avoid constipation should, regularly eat a lot of vegetables like; spinach (green), ugu, lettuce and cucumber.

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5. Oranges And Apples: orange is one of the cheapest fruit in the market currently. Orange contains a soluble fiber called, pectin. Pectin helps to quicken colon movements and makes bowel movement easy.

Apple is another fruit that aids in the easy expulsion of stool. Apples aids in the easy digestion of food, it also, acts as a, laxative which makes bowel movement easier.

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6. Water: as stated earlier, one of the causes of constipation is, dehydration. When a person is dehydrated, their intestines will no longer be able to get the water it needs to soften the stool. The implication of this is that, the persons stool becomes hard, dry and difficult to pass out.

However, drinking plenty water ensures that, enough water goes to your intestines thereby, making your stool softer and easier to pass out.

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7. Yoghurts: yoghurts are also a good choice of food for constipated people because it contains probiotics that can help to soften your stools and make bowel movement an easy business for you.

It us always better to go for plain yoghurt or, Greek yoghurt because they are natural and have no additives.

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