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The woman who discover the first coronavirus

The first woman who discover the first human corona virus is the daughter of Scottish. Bus driver who left school at 16

June almeida went on to becone a pioneer of virus imaging. Whose work has come roaring back into focus during the present pandemic

Covid-19 is a new virus but it is a coronvirus of the type first identify by Dr Almeida in 1964 at her laboratory in st Thomas hospital in London

The virologist was born June hart in 1930 and grew up in a tenement near Alexandra part in the north east of Glasgow

After returning to london,Almeida collaborate with D.A.T Tyrell, a common cold research, who had been studying nasal washing,Tyrell's team had found that they could grow some virus associated with the common cold,but not all of them.

Eventually Tyrell and his team found that they grow the virus in organ culture and sent one to Almeida. She put the speciment under the microscope and saw particles which she describe as being similar to influenza speciment,but not the same.

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