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See reasons why you should stop eating Amala

Amala is a food eaten by the local indigenes of Nigeria mostly appropriated to the Yoruba tribe from the south-western parts of Nigeria.

There are different categories of Amala.

1. The one made from yam which is done by peeling the yam and drying it under the sun, then followed by grinding it into powder form.

This type of amala contains too much starch and hence it is not good to be consumed regularly especially those who are prone to diabetes.

2. The one made from cassava - this type of Amala to is obtained from cassava.

It is prepared by cutting the cassava into pieces then followed by soaking in water for some days, after this you then proceed to pound or grind it.

This type of amala is not also advisable to be eaten by anybody having diabetes or is prone to diabetes.

3. This is the best type of amala which is made from unripe plantain.

This type can be eaten by anybody including persons suffering from diabetes or sugar problem.

Hope this is helpful

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