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UK Based Nigerian Doctor Traced Two Patients Through Medical Records Just To Sleep With Them

Dr. Christopher Uzodike is a Nigerian Doctor Who worked at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in the United Kingdom and was recently accused of using the hospital's medical records to trace two patients just to have sex with them.

The doctor apparently met one of the patients in June 2016 when she visited the hospital and was interested in her, after the patient left the hospital he went through the hospital's medical records, got her number and sent her a message through WhatsApp, the doctor and the patient got together and their sexual relationship went on till April 2018. Dr Uzodike met the other patient in September 2016 when she also visited the hospital and searched for her medical record where he got her number from, he sent her a text that said "I could not let your curves walk past". The two got together for a drink and then made out.

Dr. Uzodike in a statement to the tribunal said:

"Life is all about choices and regrettably, these were the bad choices that I made. I feel ashamed of my behavior and how I let this happen. I have let so many people down, I let the patients down, I lost the confidence of the public in the profession, I let my hardworking colleagues down. I deeply regret what I did and I am extremely remorseful. I cannot turn the hand of time but I have taken steps and will continue to do so to make sure that the risk of a future occurrence is eliminated."

The doctor has sadly been laid off for his unprofessional actions.

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