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The 25years Old Man Trapped With A Toddler's Body (See Photos)

Manpreet Singh was born in 1995 but at the age of just one, and weighing only 11lbs, he stopped growing.

His neighbours in Hisar, India, refer to him as the ‘pint-sized man’ and he needs 24-hour care much like a toddler.

He is carried everywhere by his aunt Lakhwinder Kaur, 42, who he lives with.

Manpreet moved from Mansa in Punjab to Hisar, 112km away, when his parents were no longer able to care from him.

He has swollen palms, feet and a big face with saggy skin. He primarily communicates through gestures and can laugh, scream and cry.

His uncle Karanvir Singh, 45, said: ‘Manpreet giggles like a toddler and seldom gets sad.

‘He is a delightful child and gestures the guests with his hands to sit, and tries to befriend them.’

His aunt added: ‘We love this little bundle of joy so much that the idea of letting him go makes my heart sink.’

Worried about his future, the family has been consulting a number of doctors who has said a proper investigation of his condition is needed before they are able to give a proper diagnosis.

The cost of the investigation and preliminary treatment would be around 500,000 rupees – just under £5,400.

A crowd-funding campaign has been started on Ketto, India’s version of GoFundMe, to raise funds for his treatment.

Manpreet was a healthy baby when he was born but stopped growing before he could walk or talk without any other signs or symptoms.

Doctors initially told his father Jagtar Singh, 50, a small-time farmer, that he would start growing again but when that didn’t happen, medics suggested that it could be a hormone disorder.

The family is still at a loss as to why Manpreet stopped growing, as he has an older brother and sister who have grown up without any of the same symptoms.

MK Bhadu, a medical officer at a state-run facility at Hisar, said: ‘The patient’s growth stopped due to some hormonal imbalance.

‘A child begins to develop mentally and physically from the age of three.

‘If his body is not developing, the parents should take him to a better medical facility and get him treated.’

Scientists, however, believe that Manpreet could have Laron Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that is believed to have affected just 300 people across the globe.

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