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Why you should drink lemon juice extract on an empty stomach first thing in the morning

Lemon is an evergreen plant belonging to the citrus family as oranges, lime, tangerine and grape.

The fruit is naturally green but turns pale green or yellow when ripe. This fruit is highly nutritious and contains certain phytochemicals that has made its use relevant in medicine, cosmetics, pharmacology, etc.

Lemon fruit contains vitamins B complex, Vitamins C, magnesium, potassium, etc. Phytochemicals contained in lemon include, Flavonoids, citric acid, folate, phenolic compounds, etc.

In this article I'll highlight why you should drink lemon juice extract on an empty stomach.

1. Lemon detoxifies: lemon water or juice extract taken on an empty stomach cleanses the digestive system from toxins, thereby preventing acid reflux.

2. Lemon prevents anaemia: Anaemia is a health condition characterised by loss of blood. Lemon contains Vitamins C which enables the absorption of Iron by the body needed for the formation of red blood cells as iron is the major minerals that forms the haemoglobin(red blood cells).

3. It prevents Kidney stones: the citric acid contained in lemon prevents the formation of kidney stones by increasing the volume of liquid waste (urine), hence flushing toxins associated with the disease out of the body.

4. Lemon gives a lightening and glowing complexion to the skin: this particular effect of lemon has been proven severally by research. Lemon removes acne, blemishes, reduces excessive oil produced by the skin, makes the skin smoother, softer to touch and gives an overall brighter and glowing appearance.

Lemon has been recommended in the European Commission's Cosmetics Ingredients Database in 2019 as a valuable plant for cosmetics production.

To get the benefits inherent in lemon water or juice extract;

• Get one lemon fruit, cut it into equal halves.

• Extract the juice from one half of the lemon into a clean cup or plate.

• Pour a glass of water into the lemon juice extract.

•Stir properly and drink.

This should be done first thing in the morning only, on an empty stomach for one week.

Apply this and you will be amazed at the results you will observe in your overall health.

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