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Habits That Are Harming Your Penis

Have you ever considered that you may have harmed your penis at some point in your life?I'm not talking about those occasional bumps on your penis from a curious little brother, or any physical contact at all. I'm talking about common habits that, if you're not careful, can cause a lot of problems in the future.

Let's show you some of these habits, without the usual embarrassment about the subject. Every guy who takes care of himself should be smart about this kind of situation, so that he doesn't hurt his penile unknowingly.

Unfortunately there is no miracle method for this to happen, nor is there a method that has a very considerable result. You need to be careful when you decide to use any of these methods and always seek medical attention when you feel insecure about the size of your penile.

Believe me, you can get into a very complicated situation at the worst times... Let's go to the examples.

Situations and habits that end up hurting your penis:

1 - Not doing physical exercises

Are you a sedentary guy? If so, you will end up hurting your penile like this.

For guys who like to stay a bit more on the couch, relaxed, or just really sedentary, reading something like this seems like an affront, or at least somewhat confusing. "What do you mean I'm going to hurt my penis if it works fine without physical exercise?" If you're fine with that, fine.

But the point here is that for those who exercise, there is less chance of having erection problems or premature ejaculation. Rest assured that we are not threatening you with anything. A good way to maintain a healthy and active erection is precisely by stimulating blood circulation, the main responsible for rigidity. A little daily exercise will help you a lot.

2 - You are smoking too much

Smoking too much hurts the penile. Well, I said above that you may be hurting your penis without knowing it, right? Nicotine, among others, is responsible for causing various dysfunctions in the circulatory system, including erectile dysfunction.

Add this to respiratory problems, fatigue, and other problems that bring down your sexual performance. With this in mind, you may think twice before smoking after intimacy.

3 - You don't have intercourse enough

If you don't have much intercourse, you will end up hurting your penile unintentionally.

This is a situation that you and your girlfriend or wife certainly have to agree to: the more intimacy you practice, the healthier it becomes, and so it is with your penis. There are data, mainly from the American Journal of Medicine, that show the truth of this fact.

Men who have intimacy every day, or at least 3 to 4 times a week, greatly reduce the chance of developing erectile dysfunction. And this is only one of the many reasons to practice such a relationship on a daily basis.

But here's a word of advice: Too many times (intimacy) in the same day can leave your muscles sore if you are not careful. So be smart.

4 - Lack of a good night's sleep

You are hurting your penis by not sleeping properly. Fatigue, lack of focus and concentration, besides the well-known laziness, are some of the most common causes of insomnia, or those bad nights of sleep for whatever reason. The result, guess what, is to decrease not only the erection, but also the naturally stimulated libido. Imagine losing one of those nights that could be unforgettable because of a tired body?

Sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day, young man. If it is possible, sleep naked too. This way you won't hurt your penis, and you will also gain a lot of health benefits. Can you believe that even your immune system benefits from this naked rest? Yes it does!

5 - Eating Watermelon

Wow, is that so? Of course it is, and eating more watermelon is as effective as taking viagra! Watermelon has a property called citrulline-arginine that helps dilate blood vessels better, which stimulates blood circulation.

This effect, along with nitric oxide production, has effects very similar to viagra. The difference is that, besides preventing and treating erectile dysfunction, watermelon is natural, right? This alone will help you a lot to not hurt your penis.

6 - Eating too much junk food

If you don't want to keep hurting your penis, cut down on the amount of junk foods you consume.

Unlike watermelon and other natural foods, the famous "junk foods" do not help much in taking care of the health of your penile. You end up hurting your penis when you fill yourself up with these foods full of trans fats, sugars, and the like.

We're not going to play exempt and tell you what you can and cannot eat. But you can decrease the amount of these foods, try looking for healthier options even in the foods considered "most delicious".

7 - Watching too much TV

Don't watch too much TV or internet, or you'll end up hurting your penis.

If you're lying on the couch or armchair at home, or at your variation on the computer or smartphone, the tendency is that certain muscles become elastic enough to hurt the penis. More precisely: if you sit for about 20 hours a week doing this kind of thing, and don't vary it with anything, chances are that certain parts won't work as they should.

Having an active life helps to break these bad habits. Take a simple walk, get up from your chair from time to time, and of course, practice intimacy constantly. This is the only way you won't have problems with your penis.

8 - You are not drinking coffee

A balanced coffee prevents you from hurting your penis.

Is coffee good or bad for you? This question is very common due to the risks that it can cause according to the type of experts. But for those who do not want to have problems with the penis, balanced consumption can stimulate the organ well. 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day is okay.

This is because caffeine also helps in relaxing the arteries, which in turn increases blood flow. Caffeine also helps the muscles become more elastic. In practice, this means you don't hurt your penis during intercourse.

If you have identified all these habits, great young man, it means that you are following the perfect path to end a difficulty that nobody needs to know about. By taking proper care of your body, you will guarantee a good return for your entire health.

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