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What Amount of Alcohol should I drink that would not affect my health?

Drinking alcohol whether in an event or at home can be an enjoyable part of life for some people. It is a part of many people's lives and may have a place in cultural norms and family traditions. Many people enjoy drinking alcohol and may even binge while most people usually do it safely. However, it's okay if you make up your mind not to drink.

If you choose to drink alcohol, the key is to keep your drinking at the safest possible levels, which is referred to as low-risk drinking. 

Low Risk Levels

This guide will help you limit how you take alcohol:

For men, have no more than 3 standard drinks a day on most days and no more than 15 drinks a week.

For women, have no more than 2 standard drinks a day on most days and no more than 10 drinks a week.

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On special occasions every now and then, it's okay to have 1 extra drink.

Additionally, if you choose to drink, keep the quantity of alcohol you drink within the recommended limits. Drinking more than expected should only happen once in a while, not every day. 

Always keep in mind that a safe amount of alcohol for one person may be too much for you. Because of factors such as age, sex, weight, and medical history, alcohol can affect people differently. If you're an adult who is underweight, younger than 25 or older than 65, or isn't used to drinking, you need to be very careful about how much alcohol you drink to save your organs.

Very important advice, never drink and drive and should never get in a vehicle with a driver who has been drinking or drunk. Try to make alternative plans in such circumstances so as to get home safely. If trying to get pregnant, pregnant or nursing a baby, know that alcohol can harm the developing baby, so avoid it completely

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