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5 Bad Habits That Could Lead to Early Death

There are a lot of things that could lead to early death most of them are what a lot of us continue to do on a regular basis without even noticing that we are doing it.

With multiple researches, experts have continued to mention a lot of habits that could actually lead to early death, in this article, I am going to be talking about these bad habits that could lead to early death.

1. Smoking

Smoking is actually one of the bad habit that is very bad for health. Normally, most cigarette packs puts up a caution that people that smoke could suffer lung cancer which could later lead to early death.

Smoking also damages the heart health, veins,arteries and also affects the liver as well. All of these one way or the other could lead to early death.

2. Drinking Excessive Alcohol

Alcohol could really lead to addiction. It is a bad habit that could lead to early death. When alcohol is taken in small quantities, it has little or no effect on the body, but when it is taken in excess, it could damage the liver and affect the heart health as well.

3. Living a Sedentary lifestyle

It is wrong to live a Sedentary lifestyle as it is the major cause of early death. Research shows that staying at a place all day and only eating food from time to time could lead to obesity which is a risk factor to Diabetes and heart related conditions.

4. Eating too much

It is also a bad habit to eat too much as it has a lot of disadvantages on the body. When you eat too much, you consume more calories thereby increasing your chances of being obese and suffering from chronic diseases such as Diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure.

5. Not having enough sleep

Not having enough sleep also have an effect on the health in a very bad way. Although it's effect on the health are actually more gradual than other habits, overtime it could lead to early death.

This is because it affects the brain health and could also cause a spike in blood sugar and blood pressure.

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