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World Sight Day 2021: What you can do to keep your eyes safe

We know that 1 billion people, about a quarter of the world’s population, have visual impairments. Nearly half of this visual impairment may have been prevented, or could still be avoided.

Vision impairment affects people of all ages from children to aged, with the majority being over the age of 50. Vision loss and blindness can have major and long-lasting effects on all aspects of life, including daily activities, interacting with the community, school and work opportunities, ability to access public services, and in fact a total disability on its own.

World Sight Day is a global annual day of awareness held on the second Thursday of October, to raise awareness on eye health, focus attention on vision impairment, including blindness. Today, World Sight Day, October 14, 2021, has a strong theme: Love Your Eyes.

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This theme lays emphasis on the need for awareness about our eye health and the need for taking good care of our eyesight. For this reason, we must get our eyes tested and encourage those we know to go for it too.

I remember going through Helen Keller's write-ups some years ago, I spotted where she mentioned that no sight is darkness. Having good vision is optimal, eyes are needed to see almost everything, read and focus on objects, people, things. It has never been easy doing all the above-listed functions with bad sight.

It's good to know that unoperated cataracts and uncorrected refractive errors are the leading causes of vision loss. Other notable causes include; age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, infectious diseases of the eye, and trauma, however, cannot be ignored and need to be addressed.

So today, love your eyes by going for an eye check-up, eat right, wear protective glasses or lenses, protect your eyes from rays and bright light, and raise awareness today!

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