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5 Health Benefits of Eating Bitter Cola

There is a reason why bitter cola is also referred to as African wonder fruit. It has so many health benefits due to the presence of so many beneficial constituents. There are so much more than just 5 benefits of bitter cola, but I am only going to summarize the 5 things i deem to be most important of all it's benefits, you are free to do more research on your own when you have the time. These 5 benefits are;

1. Treating malaria- According to two plant biology researchers in 2009, bitter cola was found to contain some chemical properties that allows it to act as an anti malarial catalyst. There are several plants with these properties and most of the pharmaceutical drugs for malaria were first extracted from plants and the chemical constituent reproduced in a lab to give an accurate and standardized dosage. This means that even though bitter cola is potent to treat malaria, make sure you don't over use it because it also contains caffeine. 

2. Weight loss- There is a particular constituent in bitter cola that has been found to naturally suppress hunger, especially since the feeling of hunger is stimulated by an enzyme, it follows that this enzyme can be suppressed when certain things are imbibed. 

3. For diabetes- Several research journals have published claims that bitter cola has the ability to lower the blood sugar, thus treating diabetes. 

4. Cold and fever- This is very common even before the advent of pharmaceuticals, bitter cola has been used to treat fever and also cough. Now evidence abounds to substantiate this claim.

5. Helps to relieve arthritis pain- Bitter cola has been found to reduce inflammation and joint pain caused by arthritis. However there is no evidence that it can totally heal arthritis, especially since osteoarthritis can be caused by several things ranging from old age to obesity.

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