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4 Everyday Foods that can Raise your Blood Sugar

The high rate at which diabetes is rising in Nigeria is something to fear. Most aging people in the country are now patients of diabetes.

Most of this can be attributed to bad dieting at a young age. Some people find it hard to believe that foods and habits that they portrayed in their youth can turn back to affect them at old age

Well this is true and it has turned out to be the reason why many Nigerians are prone to risk of Diabetes.

In this article, I am going to be taking about 4 everyday foods that you eat that can raise your blood sugar

1. Sweetened Beverages

Sweetened Beverages like certain fruits juice has been labeled as really bad food for people suffering from Diabetes. The high levels of fructose in them have been proven to raise blood sugar of patients.

In separate studies it has also been proven that sweetened Beverages could to obesity, liver diseases and other diseases according to

2. White Bread, Pasta and Rice

These three types of food lose all their nutrients during processing which makes them a dangerous food for people with diabetes.

Research shows that they are high in Carbs and really low in fiber. It is better you replace these low fiber foods like whole grain.

3. Packaged snacks

Most packaged snacks have been ranked bad for diabetic patients. This is because they are mostly high in sugar, trans fat and calories which are bad for a diabetic patient.

Most fast digesting foods like packaged snacks can raise your blood faster than many other types of food. Their high levels of calories makes them to increase a person's risk of Obesity and high blood pressure.

4. Honey

Though there has been a lot of controversy between honey being good for the health of Diabetic patient, research from, states that honey is not an appropriate food for people with Diabetes.

This is because some natural sources of sugar like honey contain even more sugar than table sugar which is processed. So even if you want to consume honey, try doing that in a very little amount.

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