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Meet The Brazilian "Human Ken Doll" Who Has Done So Many Surgeries Just To Have The "Perfect" Face

Júnior Beviláqua is a model and an influencer from Brazil, who calls himself the "Brazilian Human Ken Doll" and has done so many cosmetic surgeries to the extent that he has "lost count" of the number of surgeries he has done, all so that he can have the "perfect look". 

Júnior is an "aesthetic influencer" on social media so he has to keep up a youthful look for his business. Many of his followers praise his glamorous look, while others criticize him because he was a naturally handsome young man before he started his quest for the "perfect face". 

"Junior is not a normal patient. He doesn't just want a young face, he wants it to be magnificent." ,his surgeon, Dr. Augusto said. 

In the beginning, his mother criticized what he was doing so he had to lie to her in order to go for his cosmetic procedures. His mother later started to support him because he is happy with what he's doing. 

"In the beginning, I didn't agree due to the fact that he was already naturally beautiful. When I asked him, he used to say that he'd go to the dentist. I found it strange because he would arrive different. I knew he was having procedures done, but I would let it go because their was no point arguing about it. As a mother, I think it's enough. And because he's a young guy, their is no need for so many surgeries. But he likes it and that's enough for me not to stop him.", his mother, Sirlene said. 

Junior said that he didn't come to the world for nothing. He said that he has come to the world to make history and the sky is the limit. 

Checkout some of his pictures:

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