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Something Bigger than Covid-19 is still coming up- Adam Fin Reveals.

Since the first case of the novel coronavirus was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan on November 17, 2019, it has spread rapidly to many countries with currently confined cases at 1,276,587, of which 69,522 deaths and 265,944 worldometer-related recovery were registered.

Though staying at home measure is seen as the most successful way of reducing the virus spread, the economic impact can not be ignored.

Speaking in an April 5, 2020 issue of The Washington Post, Fareed said, "Even as we are just beginning to face the magnitude of the shock caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to wrap our minds around a painful reality. We are in the early stages of what will become a series of cascading crises, reverberating across the globe.

"Covid-19's shock is being felt in countries like China, Italy, Spain and the US, but next will come" Developing World Blasts, "where research has been limited, as well as funding to cope with an economic collapse.

Pediatrics professor at Bristol University, Adam Finn, said 5 G would also not be able to transmit the virus. The current outbreak is caused by a virus that is transmitted from one infected person to another. We do know that's true. We've also got the virus developing in our laboratory, acquired from a person with the disease. Viruses and electromagnetic waves are different things which make mobile phones and internet connections work. As distinct as chalk and cheese, 'he says.

They would have to pray even harder for those who believe prayer is the way to go, and hope for a miracle. Or the masses may take matters into their own hands and go down the road of revolution as Fareed suggested.

In another update, the spread of conspiracy theories that relate the COVID-19 to the roll out of 5 G networks has been described as "total nonsense" and "biologically impossible." NHS England Medical Director Stephen Powis has also branded theories as "the worst kind of fake news."

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