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Facts that youths and government shouldn't overlook

Smoking and cultism are now among the major problems we have with youths of this generation. We are seeing before our eyes how cultism has taken over nobility and how most of our youths have been captured by these sinful acts.

Smoking is the burning and exhalation of tobacco and other substances while cultism is the practice of a group of people having an obsession with or intense admiration for a particular activity. Youths who smoke have endangered lives and most of them do not survive. According to WHO:

Smoking hurts young people’s physical fitness in terms of both performance and endurance

The resting heart rates of young adult smokers are two to three beats per minute faster than non smokers.

Smoking at an early stage increases the risk of lung cancer.

Cultism similarly poses a great risk on the society at large. Major causes of cultism are: Peer pressure, Revenge, Emotional instability, Search for protection, Loneliness, Wealth, Low self-esteem etc. The effects of cultism are: High level of school dropouts, and death etc.

Cultism and smoking are gaining popularity among our youths however, there are ways to reduce or even eliminate its growth:

Public enlightenment and counselling: Seminars, campaigns and other informative mediums should be held. The government should take the responsibility of organizing informative programs to let the public, young and old know the effects of smoking and cultism. Governments should invest in counselors..Youths should be given proper counseling and mentorship to avoid future leakages.

Education: Since illiteracy brings about low self-esteem which in turn pushes youths to cultism, the government should prioritize education. Effects, causes of cultism should be taught in schools, youths should be informed that cultism doesn’t pay at all, the demerits should be made known to them.

Provision of Job opportunities: I guess this is what some of us might have been waiting to hear.. Yes, when there is an increased rate of employment, there will be reduced rate of cultism. Many are those who join cults for wealth. If the government can provide jobs for her citizens, there will be a low count of cultists and smokers.

All in all, if drastic measures are not taken to reduce the rate of youths’ engagement in smoking and cultism, what will be the fate of our coming generation?

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