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Signs Of An Advanced Stage Diabetes

Many diabetic patients complain of varying disease symptoms. This is because the disease is a progressive disease having different stages.

The symptoms a person feels is actually dependent on the level of the disease a person may be having. In this article we want to highlight the signs of an advanced level of diabetes.

1. Excessive urination.

When a patient begins to urinate excessively, this may be due to the fact that the kidneys are seeking for ways to remove excess glucose in the blood. Sometimes the urine may be cloudy due to too much glucose in the urine.

2. Excessive thirst.

With increase in urination, the body needs additional fluid to make up for lost fluid from the body.

3. Excessive hunger.

Diabetes may lead to a patient feeling hungry quite often. This may be as a result of the body's inability to process carbs properly.

4. Unexplained weight loss.

The patient may begin to notice loss of weight as the inability of the body to process carbs increases due to reduced insulin levels in the body.

5. Tiredness and fatigue

This is normally followed with tiredness and fatigue.

6. Tingling pains and numbness in the hands and legs.

Tingling pains and numbness in the hand and legs indicate onset of peripheral nerve damage.

7. Blurry vision.

Diabetes may also affect a patient's eyes causing blurry vision when it advances to end stage diabetes.

8. Too many infections.

During end stage diabetes, the immune system may become very weak causing a lot of infections to happen in the body. These infections may include ulcers which may not be able to heal.

You may as well slow down its progression through proper dieting, exercise and taking your medications.

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