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How to grow taller with these simple exercises

Do you ever feel you are looked down upon or called silly names like shorty just because you are not tall enough? Being tall is a quality that most men want and this is because research has shown that women are usually attracted to tall men.

Our height can be determined by two major factors which are genetics and environmental factors.


Some people are lucky to inherit genes from their parents who are tall. This makes them automatically tall. But even though your parents have tall genes and you inherit it from them, you might still be short because of another factor which will take us to the second factor.


As mentioned earlier on, even though you have tall genes, environmental factors such as work, nutrition and sleep/rest can affect your height.

It is easier to grow taller fast below the age of 18 and it requires a bit of more hard work for people above 18 to increase their height.

This article will be sharing with you simple exercises you can do to increase you high with a couple inches. Determination and hard work are the secret ingredient.

Exercise is one of the best ways to increase your height naturally and below are some few selected that can give you amazing results when you do them consistently.

These exercises do not require any expensive equipment. You can do them at home within few minutes.

1. Pelvic Shift

If you usually sit down for long hours a day because of the nature of your work, this exercise is good for you because it increases the curvature of the lower spine and the upper body which have been affected by long hours of sitting down. This in turn boosts your height.

What to do:

- Lie on the floor with your shoulders flat on the floor.

- Stretch out your arms on the sides with your palms down.

- Bend your knees and pull your feet close to the buttocks.

- Curve your back in an arch position so that the pelvis is lifted.

- Hold this position for a minimum of 30 seconds and repeat at least twice.

2. Hanging Bar

Hanging your body with the help of your hands helps to stretch your muscles which increases your height.

What to do:

- Find a bar or a sturdy tree branch and jump on to it

- Keep your arms and spine straight

- Hold the position for at least 30 seconds and repeat 4 times minimum for better results

3. Side Stretch

This exercise helps to make your muscles grow and also elongates them.

What to do:

- Stand on a straight position with your feet together

- Put both your hands over your head

- Bend your upper body towards the right and hold for 30 seconds, then bend to the left and hold for another 30 seconds

- Repeat at least two times and rest

4. Cobra Stretch

This exercise is recommended by many fitness experts as one of the best exercise for increasing height because it stretches your shoulders, chest, abdominals and also strengthens your spine.

What to do:

- Lie flat on the floor with your face facing down

- Put your palms on the floor under your shoulders

- Lift your chin while arching your spine to form an elevated angle

- Lift the arch position as far as possible then stay in the position for a minimum of 30 seconds

- Repeat it five times and rest

5. Jogging

Jogging is another exercise that is good for increasing height especially making your legs longer. It helps you grow your leg bones naturally.

What to do:

- Strap on your boots and hit the road :)

Doing all the exercises above consistently will not only give you an incredible boost in your height but also help you build a healthy lifestyle. Take the challenge and start your journey to being that six-footer who dominates the crowd :)

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Content created and supplied by: JoeDadi (via Opera News )


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