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Time Does Not Heal All Wounds. Jesus Does.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

When we break a bone, the worst kind of injury occurs when the bone shatters into multiple pieces. With a clean break, the bone can be set and the healing process begins right away. However, with more than one break, the bone fragments and jagged pieces can make the recovery process long and painful.

Our hearts often feel the same way. Some losses seem like clean breaks. We know they’re coming, brace ourselves for them, and move on. Others seem to chip away at our love for someone or our hope for the future. Each hurtful word or offensive action leaves us feeling just a little more raw and jagged. Eventually, we’re not sure how to forgive them or heal the damage that has been done.

God knows how to heal even the deepest wounds and most painful assaults on our hearts. Like a master surgeon, he can bind our broken pieces and fill the holes inside us with his love, grace, and mercy. Bones heal, and so will our hearts.

Pray: “Father, please continue to bind and heal the broken areas and wounds inside me, allowing me to be restored to health and wholeness.”

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