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35 People With Rare Genetics That Make Them Unique

30+ People With Rare Genetics That Make Them Unique

Everyone is unique in their own way. We all have different things that make us who we are, and some people are born different. Some people have unusual gene combinations that give them interesting birthmarks or unique eye colors. We found the most peculiar cases, and they might make you look twice. No matter how different people are, everyone is beautiful. Continue reading to see these interesting rare genetic qualities. 

1. Mother And Daughter With Matching White Patches

They must be asked if they are Sweeney Todd fans often because he famously sported a similar grey patch. However, these white patches are from a disorder called Poliosis. 

The hair follicles stop growing with color because the melanin is not being produced in these areas. 

2. Waardenburg Syndrome

This little boy's eyes look like beautiful blue water. He has Waardenburg syndrome, which is a very rare genetic condition that only occurs every 1 in 40,000 people. 

It affects the pigmentation of the hair, skin, nails, and eyes. One of the most noticeable markers is the color of a person's eyes. 

3. Heart Shaped Birthmark

This boy must be very loved because he was born with a heart-shaped birthmark. Many people have birthmarks, and they are very common. 

Birthmarks are caused by a collection of blood vessels or melanin. Sometimes they fade over time, and sometimes they last forever. 

4. A Girl With One Green Eye And One Blue Eye

Heterochromia is when a person is born with two different colored eyes. Many people find this look to be quirky and people will use colored contacts to trick people into thinking they have heterochromia. 

This girl is also a redhead, and that is a rare feature. It is uncommon for someone to be born with red hair and different colored eyes. 

5. Giantism

This is one of the rarest genetic mutations, and it is called giantism. It causes people to be exceptionally tall like Elisany da Cruz Silva who is 6'9". 

She lives a normal life, but giantism can cause serious illness and early death in some cases.

6. Split Iris

This is a different type of heterochromia. It is known as sectoral heterochromia which causes the iris to have different colors in one eye. 

It is such a beautiful look, and it can be seen in many different patterns, and colors like you will see later in the list. 

7. Uncombable Hair Syndrome

You might think this little girl has a bad case of bed head, but it is actually a genetic condition. There are only 100 people in the world who have this condition. 

She has to maintain a strict hair regimen because her hair is very fragile and can break at the roots if it is not correctly taken care of. 

8. Heterochromia Made Her Famous

Sarah McDaniel is already an attractive person with beautiful looks, and there is another thing that elevates her beauty. Yes, it is her heterochromia, a rare genetic condition in which a person's irises take on different colors.

In her career so far, she has magazine work and she has also featured in music videos, which include G-Eazy's "Some Kind of Drug" and Mark Ronson's "Summer Breaking / Daffodils."

9. White Hair, Eyelashes, And Pale Skin Because Of Albinism

Nastya Zhidkova is known for her unique coloring and striking eyes. Known by her alias Kiker Chan, she has a huge list of loyal followers who absolutely love her futuristic and minimalist photographs. Her paleness is due to albinism.

She is originally from Moscow, Russia and she is a huge fan of Japanese anime. In fact, she started off as a model by cosplaying anime characters. By the way, she still practices her hobby despite her busy modeling career.

10. Red Hair In People Of African Descent

Red hair is an uncommon trait, to begin with, and it is even rarer for people of African descent. It is caused by a mutation in the MC1R gene that is inherited from parents and grandparents. 

People with this mutation have red hair, freckles, or blue eyes. The indigenous people in Australia have a similar gene mutation. 

11. World Famous Model With Vitiligo

Winnie Harlow is a well-known model who got her start on America's Next Top Model for her unique look. She has vitiligo, which causes the hair, skin, and nails to lose pigmentation. 

On the show, she talked about how people would make fun of her for looking different when she was growing up, but she learned to love her uniqueness. 

12. Albinishm Causing Lightning Eyes

His eyes look like lightning struck against a dark sky. He has albinism, which is the absence of pigmentation in the hair, skin, and eyes. 

His eye is blue/purple because he lacks melanin to color his iris, so the blood vessels show through. Sometimes people with albinism have red eyes because of their blood vessels. 

13. Six-Fingered Hands

This woman has extra fingers, and when she went into a store, someone asked to take a picture because they were so intrigued. 

People with multiple fingers can be more agile than others with only five fingers. 

14. Elf Ears

No, this woman is not an elf, but she does have elf-like ears. This is caused by a condition known as Darwin's tubercule. 

It is common in Spanish, Indian, and Swedish people. Scientists do not know why this happens. 

15. Eyelashes That Grow In Multiple Rows

Many people get eyelash extensions to have full and long lashes. This girl does not need extensions because her eyelashes grow in multiple rows. 

The condition is called Distichiasis, and it can be seen as a full set of second lashes or one single lash in a different row. 

16. Vitiligo Changes Hair Color On Half Her Face

This woman has vitiligo on half her face like the man seen earlier in the list. It has changed the hair color on half of her face. 

There are two types of vitiligo called segmented and generalized. 

17. Ring Of Gold In His Iris

This man has a unique ring of gold in his iris cause by an imbalance of melanin in his eye. 

High levels of melanin absorb less light which scatters the color differently in the iris. 

18. Different Colored Eyelashes

This baby is absolutely adorable and mushy. She has a case of distichiasis that causes one eye to have different colored eyelashes. 

She is going to grow up to be beautiful and unique with her different eyelashes. 

19. Twelve Fingers And Twelve Toes

This baby was born with twelve fingers and toes. It is caused by a condition called polydactyly that causes extra fingers and toes to grow. 

It is passed down through a person's family or genetic. 

20. She Was Born With Blonde And Brown Hair

There is a trend going around where people who have brown hair dye the front section of their hair blonde. This girl does not have to pay to have her hair dyed because she naturally has a blonde part in her hair. 

It is an interesting look that could be caused by many disorders. 

21. Vitiligo Only On Half Of His Face

This man has vitiligo that is caused by a lack of melanin that creates patches on the skin. It is rare for someone to only have it on half their face. 

Did you know Michael Jackson started wearing his famous glove to cover up the vitiligo spreading on his hand? 

22. Extra Long Toes

This person must be able to go high on their tippy-toes because their toes are so long. This condition is known as Arachnodactyl. 

This condition causes people to have slender fingers and very long toes. While some are born with it, it can also be developed later in life. 

23. Swirly Button

He must get as many get many questions about his belly button like John Stamos. The belly button is a scar left by your umbilical cord after it is cut. 

People have different belly buttons based on how their scar healed. There are innies and outies and sometimes swirls. 

24. Coloboma In Both Eyes

This baby boy was born with Coloboma in both of his eyes. It looks like he has two cat eyes. 

This condition causes the pupil to look like a keyhole and in some cases can lead to vision loss if it is not treated or monitored. 

25. That's A Long Thumb

It is not clear why this person has an extra-long thumb, but it could be caused by using a smartphone too often. 

Using your thumb often can increase the strength in your finger, and can cause a change in appearance to the thumb. 

26. Double Thumbs

Two thumbs up! This baby girl was born with two thumbs on one hand. It is caused by polydactyly, which leads to extra fingers to be formed. 

Sometimes the extra fingers or toes can be fully functional, while some do not work. 

27. Webbed Fingers

This person must be a fast swimmer with those webbed fingers. Webbing is caused by the condition called syndactyly

It starts when a baby is in the womb during the 7th and 8th week of development. 

28. World Wide Peace

This person noticed their peace sign was incredibly wide. It looks like bug antennas, but it is just the hypermobility of her joints. 

This can happen in fingers, toes, spines, elbows, and knees. 

29. Stripe Through The Iris

This person has Sectoral or partial heterochromia which causes different pigmentation in the iris. 

This person has a brown line down the middle of their eye, and it does not affect their vision. 

30. Only Four Fingers

Instead of extra fingers, this person has only four fingers on their hand. This occurs because of symbrachydactyly. 

This occurs in the womb because of a lack of blood flow to the tissue while the fingers are forming. 

31. His Pupil Is In A Unique Position

This person could have coloboma which causes a hole in the structure of the eye that affects the iris. 

They could also have corectopia, which moved the iris and can require surgery sometimes. 

32. Inverted Knees

You have probably seen someone who has knees that hyperextend because it is pretty common. This means when a knee is forced beyond 180 degrees in one direction. 

It is common in athletes who play contact sports like soccer and football. Yoga can help stabilize and strengthen the knee ligaments and muscles. 

33. Extra Hole In His Ear

DO you think he can hear better because he has two holes in his ear? This condition is unknown, but it is common for people to have an extra hole in their ear. 

The hole is actually connected to an unusual sinus tract under the skin. It is harmless, but sometimes they can get infected. 

34. One Eye Has No Lashes

This person has one eye without eyelashes, which is most likely related to alopecia. Many people have or will develop alopecia at some point in their lives. 

It is an immune disease that causes spot baldness, which can be small or large. 

35. Thumb With Three Phalanges

When you see the word phalange, you might be thinking of Pheobe from Friends' fake name, Regina Phalange. Here, we are not talking about Pheobe, but the parts of fingers. 

This person's thumb has three phalanges instead of two. A phalange is a bone in the fingers and toes. Sometimes an extra one can be small and unnoticeable. 

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