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4 Nigerian Soups That Are Good For Diabetic People

Diabetes is one of the most popular illnesses in the world, and those who are diagnosed with it are advised to moderate their intake of certain foods. Foods like rice, bread, soft drinks, garri and others are said to be bad for diabetes because of their high carbohydrate content which tends to raise blood sugar level. This has made it very challenging for diabetes patients because they're always required to watch what they eat. However, Nigerians are known for their love for soup and swallow foods and most diabetic people have been left confused as to which type of soup is good for them. In this article, I will be showing you some Nigerian soups that are healthy for diabetic people.

1. Okra soup.

Information gathered from Neltv has shown that okra is very rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, which makes it one of the best vegetables for diabetic patients. Studies that were performed on rats showed that okra may have anti-diabetic properties, which tend to lower glucose levels. Okra soup is widely consumed in Nigeria, and it's more popular among the Igbo and Yoruba tribe. Consuming okra soup as a diabetic patient won't cause your blood sugar level to rise.

2. Bitter leaf soup.

Just like the name sounds, bitter leaf is a very bitter vegetable that is widely grown in Nigeria. Bitter leaf is recommended for diabetic people because it is very low in sugar, thus making it unable to raise blood glucose level. Bitter leaf is soaked in water before cooking to reduce the bitterness. Bitter leaf soup is peculiar to the Igbo tribe.

3. Vegetable soup.

This soup consists of many vegetables. Vegetable soup can be prepared with water leaf, fluted pumpkin leaves, collard green and so on, and it's very good for those who are suffering from diabetes. Vegetables are rich in fiber content and research has shown that eating them regularly tends to control blood glucose levels. Diabetes people should try to include more vegetables in their diets or, better still, consume the soup because it's very good for them.

4. Ogbono soup.

Wild mango seed is popularly known as ogbono or apon in Igbo and Yoruba respectively. This seed is mainly used in the preparation of ogbono soup. Eating ogbono soup has no adverse effects on diabetic people. 

Nigerians love eating their soups with swallow. However, diabetes patients are advised to avoid garri and fufu, they should rather go for pounded unripe plantain or guinea corn fufu.

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