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Health Benefits of Onions you never knew about

Onions are very useful vegetables. Not only do they spice up our meals, they render various health benefits when eaten raw, cooked or applied on skin. Which is no surprise, because it is part of the Allium family of plants like garlic, leeks, chives which contains lots of vitamins, antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that are useful to man.

Here are some of the health benefits of Onions

• Onions can be used on insects stings: onions contains antihistamines properties and anti inflammatory properties which helps prevent allergic reactions and reduce swellings. So when next you get bit by a wasp or scorpion, crush or blend an onion and apply to affected area.

• Raw onion contains antioxidants that help reduce LDL ( bad cholesterol) and keeps your heart healthy. So, you better start eating your onions raw. At least some of it

• It reduces your sucesptibilty to certain cancers like stomach, prostrate and colon cancer

• Onions can be used to stop cold. It can either be eaten raw or boiled alongside ginger and honey

• Onions can cure earaches: The anti inflammatory properties of onions makes it able to cure ear aches and help remove ear wax. What you need do is, chop up an onion, take the inner part (the hard part at the heart of the onion)and place it in the aching ear for relief. Do this before you go to bed for better results.

• Onions can heal cuts on your skin

• It helps control blood sugar

• Onions are filled with vitamins like vitamin c which acts as antioxidant and protects your cells. They also regulate immune health and tissue repairs. And Vitamin B which helps in metabolism.

Chewing onion for 2 or 3 minutes kills germs in mouth

Aren't you glad God created onions?😂 So, start eating Lots of onions today. And if you're one of us that hates onions, please try to eat it once in a while.

Thanks for reading!

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