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3 Things You Should Consume To Reduce Your Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance that's found in all the cells in the human body. The body needs some cholesterol to produce hormones, vitamin D, and substances that help you digest foods. Your body makes all the cholesterol that it needs, but you can also get it from foods. Cholesterol is only found in foods that come from animals.

Types Of Cholesterol.

LDL levels are also known as bad cholesterol. It is the main source of blockages in the arteries.

HDL levels is seen as good cholesterol. It helps get rid of bad cholesterol.

Some of the foods you consume can help lower bad cholesterol include.

1. Okra

Research shows that okra may lower blood cholesterol levels. It's also rich in polyphenols, which prevents harmful inflammation and protect your heart.

2. Nuts

Nut-rich diets are beneficial to heart health. Cashew nut appears to offer some benefits to reduce blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels.

3. Beans

Consuming beans in high amounts and other lentils and legumes may help you reduce bad cholesterol and lower your risk for heart disease.

Consume these 3 things to reduce your cholesterol levels.

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