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Signs Of Yeast Infection In Women That Should Not Be Taken For Granted

Yeast infection is a health condition characterized by burning, itching, redness, and a white discharge from the urinary tract and vulva.

Some other symptoms yeast infection includes; swelling around the pubic region, burning sensation during urination or, pain during intimacy, soreness and rash. Let's look at some of the common symptoms of yeast infection in women that should not taken for granted. Just sit tight and read this article till the end.

The itching and burning sensation that comes with this infection, can be very uncomfortable, and some infected persons shy away from talking about it or may even never want to talk about it, but it is a serious health condition that needs to be to be taken care of once its symptom is noticed so to avert some negative consequences.

It is said that this type of yeast infection is most common in women, and an estimate of about 75% of women will have at least one yeast infection at some point in their lifetime. But not to worry because yeast infection, is not a death sentence but as a health condition, it needs to be taken care of before it gets out of hand.

Let's also take a look at some of the causes of this medical condition.

The yeast infection is caused by a fungal that’s already in your body which is yeast, and this yeast infection is also called candida. Whenever the yeast in the body is balanced, it gives no health challenge but when that balance is disrupted, then there is a problem especially when the yeast quickly grows, one can get an infection as a result of this imbalance. Some other causes of this infection may also include antibiotics; which decrease the amount of Lactobacillus (“good bacteria”), pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes, weak immune system, hormonal imbalance near your menstrual cycle, stress, etc.

In addition, Yeast is a type of fungus and candida is a specific type of yeast.

Treating a yeast infection can take a couple of days or maybe weeks and if you have a recurring vaginal yeast infection, you have to stop your conventional treatment and go for a lab test or visit your doctor for the best advice and treatment of this infection.

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