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5 Foods That Can Help Reduce Cramps During Your Period

Menstrual cramps is one of the reasons why most ladies dread their periods. It is usually a normal scenario that accompanies female periods because it occurs when a biological substance known as prostaglandin acts on your uterus and cause it to contract so as to expel the outer lining or layer which was formed in anticipation of a pregnancy.

Higher levels of prostaglandin can lead to more severe contractions (cramps) which causes more severe pains. This is where the food you eat comes in the management of cramps during your periods. While some foods can worsen your cramps by causing a higher release of prostaglandin, others can help with your cramps by helping to reduce the level of prostaglandin in your body.

Prostaglandin is a local hormone which when released causes contraction of local muscles such as your uterus. Cramps are simply pains felt when muscles contracts and as I mentioned in the preceding paragraph, foods that can help reduce the level of prostaglandin in your body can help manage or even reduce cramps during your period. In other words, this is the simple rational for the use of foods to manage cramps during your periods.

1. Fish. Fish contains a good level of Omega-3 fatty acids which have the ability to reduce the level of prostaglandin in your body. By doing this it helps to reduce cramps or pains during your period. Fish can be consumed either as pepper soup or in stew form.

2. Groundnut soup. Groundnut, just like other nuts (such as peanuts, cashew nuts, coconuts, tiger nuts, and walnuts) contains a good amount of fibre which helps to lower the level of Estrogen in your body by binding to it and preventing it reabsorption into your body. This act prevents it from releasing prostaglandin which as we've said causes cramps. Hence eat more nuts during your period to prevent or reduce cramps.

3. Vegetables. This also contains fibre which helps prevent estrogen reabsorption which in-turn helps to lower the level of prostaglandin in your body.

4. Beans. Beans contains fibre as well which helps to prevent cramps by lowering the level of prostaglandin in your body

5. Eggs. Eggs contain omega-3 which as I explained earlier, helps to lower the level of prostaglandin in your body, and by doing that it helps to reduce or prevent cramps.

Content created and supplied by: MadamTessy (via Opera News )

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