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Ever Wondered Why Doctors Wear White Coats While Lawyers Black Robes? Here's Why

Medicine and law can be said to be the two most popular jobs in the world. In Nigeria especially, most parents and guardians encourage their wards to study either of these two courses.

Many of you though would have noticed the professionals in their two fields wear a particular colour code. For the doctors, their colour code is white while for the lawyers, their colour code is black. Here's the reason why below.

The reason why doctors wear a white coat is actually because the profession of medicine only gained its respect and acceptability about 150 years or so ago. Before that time, those working in the medical field were usually lower down the social hierarchy, since medicine was not really a professional field then, with no regulation as to who could practice medicine. Minor surgeries were often done by barbers, along with dental extractions.

This changed over time, as medicine became very much respected, with greater regulation over practice of medicine coming about. Doctors started wearing white lab coats to signify that they were also scientists, and the white coat began instilling confidence amongst patients visiting such doctors.

White coats also signified purity, and became inextricably linked to the image of scientists and doctors. White coats has always been known to signify health and hygiene. White is also desirable because they show the stains and perhaps indicates when you need to change clothes as soon as they are stained. Frequent changing gives a better outcome for the patient. This will ensure that doctors maintain a clean and sterile environment all the time.

Wearing black robes by lawyers and judges dates back to 17th century British practice. The black color is perceived as a symbol of dignity, honor, wisdom, and justice. As Lawyers and Judges have to keep up these values and maintain grace and dignity black is prescribed for them.

What are your thoughts on the colour codes of doctors and lawyers? Do you think they are necessary? Please leave your thoughts below and don't forget to follow me @DCruiser

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