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Signs and natural cure for newcastle disease in your birds

Signs of Newcastle disease

Conjunctivitis, depression and neurological signs Newcastle disease is a highly contagious viral infection that affects many species of domestic and wild birds to varying degrees.   

The disease can result in digestive, respiratory and/or nervous clinical signs, which range from a mild, almost inapparent respiratory disease to very severe depression, drop in egg production, increased respiration, profuse diarrhoea followed by collapse, or long-term nervous signs such as twisted necks if the birds survive.  Severe forms of the disease are highly fatal.  

Spread is usually by direct physical contact with infected or diseased birds. The virus is present in manure and is breathed out into the air.

*There is no treatment for Newcastle disease,* although treatment with antibiotics to 

control secondary infections may assist.

 *The virus can remain alive in manure for up to 2 months and in dead carcasses for up to 12 months, however it is easily killed by disinfectants, fumigants and direct sunlight.*

Prevention relies on good quarantine and biosecurity procedures and vaccination.

Tagiri solution has been proven and is known to ward off viral diseases like NCD, IBD, IB and A.I

It is also used by humans especially men in the treatment of prostrate cancer.

This taigiri can be used to manage and prevent Newcastle disease and any gumboro case

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