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Take A Cup Of Scent Leaf And Milk Juice To Treat These Diseases

Herbal medicine will always remain one of the best curative and readily available means of therapy especially in Africa.

Scent leaves and bitter leaf are one of the best herbal Leafs out there for treating many common diseases.

Today let's look at how to prepare scent to in order to optimize the2 health benefits of this plant and treat the following diseases I will highlight below.

To prepare, get a about 20 to 30 scent leaf and squeeze to obtain the juice.

Transfer the juice into a cup and add two Spoons of milk and little salt.

Drink it twice daily (morning and night)

The diseas that this herbal mixture can treat include:

1. For stomach ache and other health problems relating to stomach. Works well for diarrhoea and stooling.

2. Ulcer : this medicine is effective for treating ulcer. Just take one spoonful three times daily.

3. Diabetes and elevated sugar levels: take as prescribed above

4. Hypertension and high blood pressure: take as prescribed above

5. For cough and respiratory tract infections: take morning and night for 3 days.

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Africa Cup Of Ulcer


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