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What All Pregnant Women Should Understand About The Dark Line On Their Abdomen During Pregnancy.

The black line also know as (linea Nigra) is the dark vertical line which often appears on the abdomen of a pregnant women. depending on the individual woman and her skin, the dark line can be quite light and barely visible, while for others it can be much darker than the surrounding skin and stand out much more clearly.

It is generally around a centimetre wide and the same width along its entire length. It most commonly appears from the umbilicus (belly button) running straight down to the pubic bone. But it can also run vertically from the umbilicus up to the level with the ribcage and occasionally, up between the breasts. As the abdominal muscles stretch and separate, the dark line tends to form. The line which is created is certainly more prominent in some women than others and marks the midway point between the left and right abdominal muscles and where they meet in the centre. These “strap” muscles need to separate to allow the pregnant abdomen to grow. Some people believe it is the relative “thinness” of the skin which is the cause for dark line.

The dark line tends to form during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. It starts off around the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy as a very fine line which slowly expands and becomes darker. As the tummy enlarges the width and intensity of the dark line also expands. And It’s estimated that around 75%, of pregnant women will experience some degree of dark line during pregnancy.

To some women, seeing it for the first time think it will harm their baby.

No, it will not harm you or your growing baby. Linea Nigra is considered wholly “cosmetic” and the only negative issue of having Linea Nigra is that some women consider it to be unsightly. But it is just one of the many minor issues which arise during pregnancy and for most women, resolve after their baby is born.

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