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4 Dangers Of Using Laptops On Your Lap

The laptop is a very useful and productive device. It's convenient, portable and powerful. However these power-packed devices emit electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation in various frequencies which could be detrimental to your health. Your organs would receive a harmful dose of EMF from your laptop. And continued use on your laps over prolonged time could lead to severe illnesses.

Here are the dangers of using a laptop on your lap:

It can harm your reproductive organs.

A laptop receives wireless internet signals (known as microwaves) and radiates EMFs. While sitting on your lap the EMFs poses a risk on the males' sperm count and a female’s ovaries. It could delay egg production and female fertility.

According to American Society for Reproductive Medicine, " holding a laptop on your lap can affect male fertility; damage sperm cell DNA; and decrease sperm motility."

It can lead to certain types of cancer.

Studies have revealed that a hot laptop could cause skin damage while on your lap, and which might develop into skin cancer. Hence long-term skin inflammation could increase your risk of squamous cell skin cancer (a more aggressive cancer than the usual type of skin cancer).

Therefore persons who keep laptops near their reproductive organ put themselves at risk of ovarian and testicular cancers.

It can cause back and neck pain.

Hunching over your laptop that's on your lap could cause pain in both your back and neck. It's much healthier to put your laptop on a table in an upright position; and sit yourself into a good posture.

It can lead to pregnancy issues.

During pregnancy pregnant women are advised to stay away from radiation. Using a laptop on their lap; the EMF radiation could affect their unborn baby. But when the child is born, it might sustain congenital and developmental problems.

In conclusion avoid placing a laptop directly onto your lap, especially when connected to WiFi. Rather place it on a desk/table at a safe distance between yourself and the device. Or you could also utilize a laptop radiation shield to reduce your exposure to radiation, while minimizing the heat it produces.

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