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4 drinks you should not give to your kids close to bedtime to prevent bedwetting

 Bedwetting is an act that is usually found in many children and few adults. It is the process of urinating uncontrollably when sleeping. Bedwetting usually occur to children before the age of 7, most of them can stop bedwetting on their own, while some may need intervention by consulting the doctor.

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Some of the factors that may cause bedwetting are:

1. Constipation: When constipation happens regularly to a child, it can eventually lead to bedwetting. 

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2. Children bladder are smaller in size and they may not be able to hold urine for a long time especially when they are asleep.

3. Eating and drinking late at night especially close to bedtime.

However, bedwetting can be prevented in children with close monitoring of their parents or care givers. Studies revealed that bedwetting can be prevented if drinks are not taken close to bedtime, especially drinks that contain caffeine. This article will review some drinks you should not give your kids at night especially when they are preparing to go to bed to prevent bedwetting.

1. Chocolate drinks

Studies revealed that chocolate drinks contain some portion of caffeine. Caffeine contain property that make the bladder to produce excess urine in a short time, therefore it can make your child to bedwet as a result of full bladder. 

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2. Teas

Teas also have a good percentage of caffeine. Any type of tea should be avoided to be on safer side.

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3. Water

Water is essential in life and should be taken excessively in a day to flush out the toxins of the body, to aid easy digestion of foods and also to support the metabolism process of the body. However, water should be taken with caution in the evening and can be avoided close to bedtime to prevent bedwetting.

4. Carbonated drinks

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Hope this article is beneficial to you, you can forward to families and friends so that the tips will be useful for them too. Don't forget to follow us for more updates. Thanks for reading!

Source: WebMD

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