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How to break bad habits.

Habits are the building blocks of our lives. It may look small but the things you do everyday or as often as possible are the things that will shape your life. They are the things that will determine how far you go. If such small actions can have such effects, it is only reasonable that we eschew bad habits that can wreck havoc in our lives and embrace good habits that will get us closer to our goals.

The bad thing about breaking bad habits is that it's a difficult task. This is because we've repeated it so often that it is ingrained in our minds. However, it is still possible. We an always swap the bad habits for the good ones using these tips.

Make the bad habit uncomfortable. This is making sure that practicing the bad habit is stressful and less enjoyable. For example, if you are fond of biting your nails, rub something bitter like aloe Vera Juice or bitter leaf on it. This will make your nails very bitter and you wouldn't like to chew it. If you like hitting snooze on your alarm, get an alarm app and place your phone far from your bed. The alarm app will make sure you cannot stop the alarm till you solve mathematics or answer some questions. By the time you finish doing it, the sleep will leave your eyes.

Change the environment. Sometimes, we just do things because the environment we are in permits it. If you have friends who smoke, you won't have any issues joining them. Suppose, there's someone you really like who hates smoking, you will not do it in front of the person because you care about what they think of you. Move to environments where the habit you want to stop is considered abnormal.

Get an accountability partner and set goals. An accountability partner is someone you can report your progress to. We like speaking good of ourselves so if dropping a bad habit will get you the approval someone you respect, you will likely do it. An accountability partner will cheer you up and get you back on track when you fall off. Setting goals will give you something to focus on in the short term and tell you how far you've going.

For instance, if you want to workout everyday, set a goal to do it for one week. Get up every morning and show up. After one week, rate yourself. If you did well, buy something for yourself. The gift will be some sort of encouragement to do more.

Start applying these tips right away to see results.

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