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Natural solution for Fibroid

Ikale Cure with Bitter melon (Egusi bara)

It treats blocked fallopian tube; Fibroids; Infections; Ovarian cyst cancer; Arthritis and Low sperm count.


Bitter melon (egusi bara)

Pap water (omidun)

Method:- Cut ur melon into pieces, pour pap water n cook at least, 30mins.

Take half glass first thing in d morning n last thing at night. "Depending on ur body type", u can take a full glass also

NB: It might turn your tommy and make you parade convenient room. But never mind, you are perfectly okay.

Bitter melon is also known as Egusi bara...Go to alagbo or elewe omo or lekuleja any how you know them. Tell them you want bàrà. Buy matured bàrà it works better.


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Egusi bara Ikale


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