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Pregnancy period

5 Gadgets To Avoid During Pregnancy - [PHOTOS]

1. WiFi Routers

On the use of Wi-Fi technology, the World Health Organisation says,“Considering the very low exposure levels and research results collected to date, there is no convincing scientific evidence that the weak RF signals from base stations and wireless networks cause adverse health effects.” What’s important to understand scientifically, is that children have an absorbent brain tissue and thinner skulls, leaving them more susceptible to microwave radiation than adults. A study published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure found that children are more vulnerable to risk from radiation as compared to adults. Most women don’t know that WiFi routers and cellphones increase pregnant women’s risk of suffering a miscarriage by nearly 50%.

2. Microwaves

Microwaves work by using electromagnetic radiation to raise the temperature of a food. This radiation creates electromagnetic fields (EMF). It is believed that EMFs cause low birth weight and birth defects. Food heated or cooked in the microwave should be avoided during pregnancy for the same reason. Heating food in plastic plates or bowls is hazardous since plastic containers have a cancer causing element called Bisphenol A(BPA),which is harmful for you as well as your baby.

3. Laptops

Worry not! Laptops and computer screens, if used in moderation, are safe for use during pregnancy. The concern arises, however, when pregnant women use laptops for a long period of time. Laptops get warmer with use and if you put it on your tummy, the heat can harm your baby. It’s best to place the laptop on a cushion or a table or use a cooling pad.You should make sure you practice proper posture when pregnant by putting your laptop on a desk or table and sitting upright in a chair. That way, the heat won’t get to your fetus, and you’ll have less back and arm pain in the long run.

4. Cell Phones

Cell phones are the main source of radio frequency-electromagnetic fields. Pregnant women who may have used their cell phones just two or three times a day still have an increased risk of their babies developing hyperactivity and difficulties with behavioural conduct, managing emotions and dealing with common problems of relationships later in life.

5. Bluetooth Headsets

Even though Bluetooth headsets are most convenient when it comes to communicating while commuting, their radio frequencies are as harmful as that of microwaves. The bottom line is that it is a wireless gadget that attracts radiation right to your brain through your ear. Even though it’s debatable, wireless gadgets such as Bluetooth headsets must be kept well away from the body when you’re pregnant, as a precaution if not a legit safety measure.

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