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Postpartum workout: Safe exercises and what to avoid

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After childbirth, you won't be able to practice a variety of exercises because your body is still raw from the stretching and pushing of childbirth which is why it is important to know the suitable routines and the ones to avoid.

Here are 3 types of safe postnatal exercise you can start off with

1 Lower belly exercise

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Lower belly exercises complement pelvic exercises to help you achieve a more fit body. Lower belly exercises also help in losing the baby fat in the stomach area.

2 Pelvic floor exercise

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These exercises help you avoid urinary incontinence by strengthening your pelvic muscles. It also helps to speed up the healing of your perineum and vagina by increasing blood flow to the area reducing swelling and bruising that would have occurred during delivery.

3 Walking

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Walking is an essential fitness routine that will help you stay in shape. It also prevents blood clots from forming in the body.

Here are exercises to avoid

There are several workouts that you may not be able to do shortly after delivery. However, you can engage in the exercises once you have reached the six-month mark.

1 Swimming

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Swimming is not advised since it can cause unexpected bleeding or lochia, a vaginal discharge.

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2 Hand and knee activities should be avoided since they can cause clots in the area where your placenta was attached during pregnancy.

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