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Compassion in the midst of Trial

Trying times are silent times. Many silent times are crying times and unmentionable number of those crying times might lead to a heart deluged depression, withdrawal from the society, sickness, psychological trauma or even suicide.

Many are obeying the inevitable laws of nature. The good-bad ambivalent nature of life. Like the two sides of a sword. Some are mourning, lamenting, gnashing their teeth, ground-dragging their legs, biting their lips and fingers whereas some are swimming in the pools of happiness, basking in the euphoria of luxurious lifestyle and singing the song of 'I don care'. There is no other time to show compassion than now. Mocking and mourning ain't friends of a safer human existence. 

No doubt, our being is never the fault of anybody except for the genetic enclave and the environment we found ourselves. Indisputably, the gory events of the past might be the shaper of our present dispassionate tendency but there can always be rooms for reflection. Reflection on why must we get the world more loveless and messier just because of what we have seen, heard or passed through.

It's not easy to let go of the experience you had with that one sitting in the palace of mourning. Of course, the deeds of the one you mock or despise is beyond redemption but know this : Even the near-devil feel remorse. The bad egg also becomes good. The action, inactions and reactions around them in their trying times can birth succour, warmth, sobriety, reflection on past deeds, forging of new futuristic ways of life etc. 

Finally, life is just a two sides of a coin. Who knows, the coin of life unpalatable can be tossed to your side tomorrow. Always, show compassion. That's the humanity in human. Irrespective of who you are, where you grow up, what you have seen, heard or experienced, how life has treated, you can learn it....

Be compassionate. Be merciful.

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